Features of Waterproof Digital Cameras

Features of Waterproof Digital Cameras

Ever since digital cameras took over the camera market several years ago, there have been many changes and developments made to make them better and more sophisticated. One such change to the digital camera was the evolution of the waterproof digital camera which has gained an increasing amount of popularity these past few years. Currently, just about every major digital camera manufacturer on the market has their own lines of waterproof digital cameras for sale; each with their own features, perks and of course, price.

Waterproof digital cameras have yet to match a regular digital camera when it comes to image quality. The waterproof digital camera has a reduced image quality compared to the regular digital camera due to all the components that go into the camera to truly make it waterproof. However, most of the waterproof digital cameras on the market today are developed to have a pretty high number of megapixels, so the quality of the image taken is still going to be pretty good, just not as good as an image captured by a regular digital camera.

While the name “waterproof digital camera” means that the camera is waterproof, there are different types of waterproof. Some waterproof digital cameras are only weatherproof, meaning that the cameras were only built to withstand becoming a little wet. There are other waterproof digital cameras on the market that are built to be completely waterproof and able to withstand being taken underwater to capture images. A lot of the camera manufacturers out there that manufacture waterproof digital cameras, have started making them capable of withstanding an abnormal amount of abuse. Some of the digital cameras are not only waterproof, but they are also shockproof, crushproof and even freeze proof; meaning these cameras are able to withstand being dropped numerous times, crushed and can even work after being frozen.

The great thing about waterproof digital cameras is that they are significantly cheaper than your average digital camera. A regular digital camera is usually made with all sorts of delicate parts and made to be aesthetically appealing so naturally, they are completely more expensive. A waterproof camera is not made like a regular digital camera and usually has a not too attractive appearance so they tend to be cheaper. Most waterproof digital cameras have a price tag of a little over $100.00, with some even being cheaper than that. The price depends on the make, number of megapixels and features; so if you want the best waterproof digital camera, you will have to shell out a little extra cash.

If you like to do some more outdoor-type activities such as mountain biking, fishing, camping and similar activities, then a waterproof digital camera would probably be the best option to carry along with you. If you decide to carry a long your expensive digital camera that is not waterproof, you may end up in the hole a few hundred bucks if you get it wet. Waterproof digital cameras can be bought at most major retail stores such as Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy and many other places; and even online.

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